Me trying to view upcoming events to see if I want to book at a local venue.

I guess not.

(Folks, don’t let Facebook hold your businesses hostage to their surveillance. Not all of us are willing to be tracked by Meta, Inc., for the privilege of patronising your establishment.)


@aral I simply assume these people made a choice to not sell to people like us. Same as I made the choice not to buy or consume stuff of people that exclusively do business on Facebook and other Meta crap

You got a decent business? Then you got a decent and REAL website!

@paillp It might be but I don’t think that’s the common reason. It’s a combination of limited resources and Facebook being “free”. This is a small, local venue.

Agreed. Ignorance of the implications of doing business via Facebook is another common reason. With that in mind, contact the venue and explain the issues. It might be a revelation for them.


@paillp @aral In my experience, Facebook makes posts visible only to FB users by default. People have to take an extra step to make it publicly-visible, and often don't realize it.

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