With #NextGenEU we will have:

⚡ 5G and ultrafast EU-wide broadband

🏡 Smart cities

🔒 Safer online shopping

🧠 Developments in AI to fight climate change, improve healthcare, transport and education.

Visit our website to discover more 👉europa.eu/!bm69mtV



@EC_DIGIT Well :
* 5G is useless crap, takes loads of resources (non-green) to deploy and manufacture, fiber channel costs less, 4G isn't EVEN fully deployed, you're just following IT lobbies in their crap inventions
* smart cities are a grotesque idea, deal with it
* Online shopping is mostly safe thank's to gateway payments, daaa
* AI for climate change sounds like green-washing

Why don't you put eco-killing blockchains and NFTs while advertising it's good for the planet while you're at it ?

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