well, fiber channel suffered a major attack (✂️) which was coordinated on a handful of sites which were supposed to be secret. Major cities in France encountered outages.

Operators : sites were secret, not underground due to maintenance, alongside highways and major rail tracks. Geniuses gave it all 🫢🤣

Nice 🙂

On voit de plus en plus de wireless hackers diffuser des messages sur des ondes FM réservées à des médias par l'ARCEP. C'est cool, continuez comme ça les gars.

Okay, this is starting to PISS me off. Being fucking ridiculous... Wow, advertise a browser, make sure people on Linux won't get it. Way to Duck fuck go.

BuT MAc uSeRS WiLl geT It 🤑

Thank's to whoever leaked Cit0day user/password collection.

Just integrated the leak to my data breach search tool.

The French Employment Agency is supposed to help people find jobs.

Found some mention to lazy ass unemployed people in the source code...

Surprisingly... Disgusting....



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