Theory: people with their masks under their nose are mouth-breathers and can't stand the foul smell of their own breath.

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Another observation from January 2021. A Pin-striped Tit-Babbler (Mixornis gularis) spotted at Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore.

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Do you know why South Africans are protesting recent flights ban to and from South Africa? Here is among the reason.

Big thanks to the fucking moron who forgot their fucking bag and subsequently closed the train station.

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The Variegated Fairywrens were quite active this morning because of the presence of a young Pied Currawong.

There were several males flitting between branches and calling, like this fellow.

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A close up of NGC6888 from my most recent photo

Could still zoom in 4-times more to get a 1:1 zoom of the original #photo

Since this is a narrowband photo, the red color channel shows the hydrogen, while the teal parts are oxygen

An atom (in this case hydrogen and oxygen) emit a photon, when its electrons get excited. This photon has a very specific wavelength, making it possible to filter see it with narrowband filters.

#astronomy #science #astrophotography #space #longexposure

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A Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) spotted in the Hougang area, Singapore, on 24 Nov 2021. It was very interested in something on the underside of that branch. At one point, it hanged upside down to get at it.

The Black-naped Oriole is a common bird with melodious calls.

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Alors pour avoir les articles du Parisien gratos : 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1;' 😂

The concept of "self-made" is one of the biggest lie of libertarians. Unless you started fumbling in the mud with your own hands, everything you did was based on someone else work and labour.

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A Bee fly (genus Ligyra) spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 31 Oct 2021. This is one of the more colourful Bee flies to be found there.

Bee flies are flies, but resemble bees when in flight.

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Currently last batch of foggy autumn #infrared photos. I love these especially. This place is so calm, yet otherworldly in these weather conditions. #landscapephotography #MastoArt

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On revient sur le trolling anti-gauche (faux profils, faux comptes, faux combats "woke") et en quoi c'est une croisade pseudo"apolitique" :

One reason why your company should consider the Linux market : their OS is free so they have money to buy your shit.

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Awesome moss on today's walk. Definitely a post worth posting 😊

Proprietary softwares don't stimulate innovation, they stimulate speculation.

Darmanin veut renforcer la sécurité des élus face aux messages de menaces...

Et ça marche comment quand c'est la police qui harcèle des élus en allumant les gyrophares devant leur domicile la nuit ?

Darmanin je sais que t'es trop bouché pour le comprendre, mais parmis ces timbrés qui font des menaces en ligne, y en a probablement de ta police que tu aimes tant (ou de ton syndicat préféré, spécialisé dans le harcèlement de journalistes et d'élus : Alliance)

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Foggy infrared. More to come.
Only available in red, because pushing those images closeer to 600nm (yellow) results in some very ugly pixelation. #infrared #photography

I can't believe how expensive a broadband connection is in the UK. All that to have your ISP snitch on you and your government selling your data...

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Spotted this tiny thing on a leaf while walking at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, SIngapore, on 4 Nov 2021. IDed as Ammianus ravanus, a Lace Bug (family Tingidae).

Lace Bugs are True Bugs and feed on various plants.

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