And what if it was more expensive than a plane?

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Eurostar: what if we made a train with all the hassles of an airport?

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Tired of comments like "We wish we could rely on open-source software but we worry that support won't be good enough".

Did you pay for anything open-source so far? Have you contributed back either technically? If not, what do you actually expect?!🤷‍♂️

Tragedy of the commons.🙄

@kerfuffle @matrix Ah okay I understand. Apart from bridges, I'm not aware of any overlap between them.

@kerfuffle @matrix Matrix is more geared towards instant messaging whereas Mastodon is for microblogging.

Whomever sold my email address, I wish that you'll never find happiness in your little miserable life of a sub-piece of shit.

Just witnessed a bunch of seagulls fight for some chips on the floor. It was wild.

Tee-hee Windows just corrupted my micro-SD card for my Raspberry Pi, funniest shit I've ever seen 🤭

I love losing work because of some dumb OS.

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@wakame @aral It's also perfect to avoid accountability, because we barely understand what happens under the hood so we have no way to pinpoint what's going wrong, we only know that the results are wrong.

@davidrevoy @gemlog That might give some interesting results if you're using dithering. Some kind of retro-graphic drawing 🙂

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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

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Amazing piece by Alice Yuan Zhuang ✨ 💜 :

"The fever pitch of Web3 is driven by money, but decentralization as praxis is rooted in direct action, striving to abolish capitalistic economics and supply chains which encode mass oppression into large-scale systems with many actors and minimal accountability. To cultivate technological sovereignty is to dismantle the veil of neutrality, decolonize our imagination, learn alongside movements of food & land sovereignty..."

@goofy Un dernier mot : Matrix travaille pas mal sur un système P2P aussi qui ne nécessiterait pas de serveur (voir Pinecone). Alors oui ça sera pas simple non plus mais pour le coup rien n'est simple en P2P.

Bref je trouve que Matrix a du potentiel malgré sa complexité. Moi ça m'a changé mon quotidien.

Eh oui, l'auto-hébergement peut être une plaie... 😑

@goofy Je dis pas non plus qu'il faut choisir l'un ou l'autre. Clairement IRC a des avantages aussi. Mais faut arrêter de les opposer sans cesse alors qu'on a besoin de tous types d'alternatives FOSS face aux géants de l'escroquerie propriétaire. Un vrai problème c'est la fragmentation du "marché", ce que Matrix tend au moins à essayer de corriger avec les bridges (même si ceux-ci sont extremement critiqués).

@goofy De plus en plus d'organisations gouvernementales et d'entreprises privées utilisent Matrix, ce qui lui assure un peu de pérennité. Certaines organisations ont des besoins précis en termes d'auditabilité et d'application de normes logicielles.

Du coup oui je suis d'accord IRC c'est plus simple, mais est-ce que c'est facile de le faire coller aux besoins d'une grosse organisation telle que la NHS ?

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