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Manifestez autant que vous voulez mais portez un masque bordel de merde, arrêtez de filer des arguments à vos détracteurs !

French cops are just drooling over US cops. They just want the same limitless authority, the absence of responsibility, the big guns, and the means of mass surveillance.

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Decentralization without a concept of politics is no different from current centralization.

Going further, decentralization without a concept of people-centric/communal politics is doomed to repeat and reform itself into a centralized system (see the Internet, e-mail, etc)

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@PINE64 @selea and now we wait to see if DHL delivers 64 pine trees to every Pine64 customer 😂

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Your digital privacy, biological privacy, and personhood are not separate things. Any constitutional rights we lose regarding the former (e.g., backdoors on encryption) will constitute precedents for the erosion of our rights to the latter. Remember, your thoughts are just data…

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This is the magpie with leucism at UQ. A perenial favourite around campus is still happily living its best life in its target range of one of the colleges on campus.
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@aral @h3artbl33d Oh well, I do feel very dumb now. Although their email stated that the price increase would impact only CX11 and CXP11. I guess it's not profitable enough anymore on those setups.

@aral @h3artbl33d I too am using a CX11 and I don't understand why the IPv4 shortage would increase my server price. Apparently the prices won't change for server created before September so I guess it's time to stock up on CX11 and CXP11...

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#OtD 28 Jul 1985 Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was launched at a meeting at @ConwayHall@twitter.com in London, UK. Its dedication to "physical and ideological opposition" to fascism would see it drive numerous far-right groups off the streets. This is a short history: libcom.org/history/1985-2001-a

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NEW! 🔥

Companies are selling UK and EU border agencies access to satellite surveillance for migration control 🇪🇺🇬🇧🕵️‍

Want to know how it works? Check out our latest tech explainer on satellite and aerial surveillance 🛸🛰️🤓

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the easy trolley problem:

your trolley is on a track with five people tied to it and they are going to be run over

but you can switch tracks, there is just one person tied to the other track

that one person is jeff bezos

the easy trolley problem

@aral With such a diet, you'll meet him soon 😅

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You don't know you have backups until you've successfully restored from them.

@fredurb1 @nicosomb Super, ça m'intéresse beaucoup aussi. Y a plus qu'à avoir du bon support CRAW et je pourrais lâcher Rawtherapee. Merci !

@sebsauvage Je te lis depuis longtemps et t'as raison. Bloque les ces nazes, t'as pas de temps à gâcher avec elles.eux.

On devrait installer une éolienne devant la bouche de Macron, avec tous le vent qu'il produit...

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