What's up with hotels websites not having proper TLS certificates?

In a meeting about analytics, my brain is shutting down...

@GameDesignerBen Must be a good cleaner if it can wipes me out of existence.

I reached the point where I just hope it fails so I can leave the office.

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Oh my... I have to open WSL... See you tomorrow.

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Surely IL2CPP needs more priority than user inputs or network processes.

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Why is the scheduler so bad in Windows? My laptop has been unusable for the past 40 minutes just because I'm building a Unity project...

@gamingonlinux The company that manages my building did that, disclosing everyone's email address to everyone. They tried to "recall" the email, not knowing that it would work only for a handful of proprietary email servers. Peak incompetence.

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Not enough people seem to be on about how it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I will make a Pirate Joke™:

Q: What language do Pirates like to program in?
A: You might thing it's R, but a Pirate's first love is the C.

Boost this shit.

Can't use 's Streaming Assistant because the version on the headset isn't up to date. Can't update it because the "Update" button does nothing 🙃

That's the future they're selling us.

Apparently there's a new vaporware from Elon Musk that excites all of his cultist followers. Anyone knows anything about this hypothetic 10,000$ micro-house? I'm calling for bullshit once again, all I've seen so far is praises and and naïve expectations.

@onepict There's probably already a startup to rethink the startup culture 😅

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if you overload microsoft.​com with requests, that's an MS-DOS

It is just moving a file somewhere else but please, let us have our 3rd debate about it and not fix anything.

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I can't believe the amount of time we're losing debating whether something is an issue or not instead of just fixing it.

released a Linux version of their hand tracking. It only works with their most recent camera (doesn't work with the Leap Motion Controller), but it has an layer. Might try it with and , that would be exciting.


My laptop black-screened when I tried to download a GitHub repository with Edge on Windows. Great products synergy 👍

My bad, it's to see how the system works "in the wild" (understand in a public setting)... At the HQ. Please tell me how this is "in the wild".

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5 hours stuck in a car with a co-worker with which I share virtually nothing. Can't even read my book and listen to my music. How dreadful...

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