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My heart and #solidarity goes to #antifascists and #anarchists in US who will have some hard days ahead opposing nazis on the streets with the courage and direct action!

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> "We're not [expletive] Antifa!" one man screams at the police, referring to the loose coalition of "anti-fascist" activists that oppose Trump.

Well yeah that's the problem you [expletive] fascist piece of [expletive]

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Frankly I've been pretty quiet because I'm tired of being called an alarmist but Trump's increasingly pathetic chicken coup aside - please note that Capital Hill police, who have no problem clubbing folks on social security and dragging the disabled out like sacks of potatoes to defend corporate power, have no interest in stopping pasty fascist vandals smashing shit and disrupting the legislature.

This coup is bullshit, but cracker supremacy lives on unhindered.

Mfs be selling and bidding on delivery time slots, or having 100% markup on basic products... Way to profit from COVID you parasites !

Also stop requiring to register just to check a timetable ! I now have 3 accounts for supermarkets that can't deliver before February...

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Just a simple example: you travel to the UK, you have to self-isolate. During self-isolation, you need to order your food online on supermarkets website (where there is no available time slots by the way). Most of them requires a UK phone number to register...

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Do not restrict your phone number fields to a specific local format. You know people needs to enter a different number sometime...

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Back at work after the holidays? Struggling to remember your password? Here are some likely ones to start with:

* 123456
* 123456789
* qwerty
* password
* 1234567
* 12345678
* 12345
* iloveyou
* 111111

Hope that helps.

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"Une mise à jour ne peut pas être la cause du piratage, ça fait une éternité que je n'ai fait aucune mise à jour" 😭 😭 😭

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“The new allegations come just a month after Apple was caught using lobbyists to push back against the Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act, legislation meant to curb the use of the forced labor Apple is allegedly taking advantage of.”


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Le pays fait face à une crise sanitaire, où investis-tu les ressources de l'État ?

Élève de CP : le système de santé.
Gouvernement : la surveillance.


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An observation from Nov. 2020. Saptha beryllitis, a metalmark moth, spotted at Coney Island, Singapore. A beautiful looking moth.

On iNaturalist [ ].

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #2020 #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

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A twig with Lichen attached. Lichens are a cross between algae and fungi. Photo Stacked from 20 separate frames.

Canon SL2/200D - IRIX "DragonFly" 150mm Macro Lens - ISO 400 - f 11 - Exposure 1/100 sec

#photo #foto #photography #irix #closeup #PhotoStacked

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Ce genre de thread de flics qui jouent aux travailleurs sociaux, ça me fait vomir... 🤮Je bosse au Samu Social, et je vous propose un thread un peu long sur la réalité du boulot, de la vie à la rue, et du rôle des forces de l'ordre dans tout ça. 1/22


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‘Trickle-down’ tax cuts make the rich richer but are of no value to overall economy, study finds. Data spanning 50 years and 18 countries shows lowering rates for the wealthy increases inequality.

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