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Blue Jays love peanuts. Sometimes if I'm late putting out peanuts a Blue Jay will sit on my deck and yell at me through the window.

The last photo shows one trying to carry two peanuts in its mouth at once. It wasn't able to carry both.

#birding #bird #nature #photo

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Eight coloured Lilac breasted roller photographed in Maasai Mara national reserve by Munib Chaudry.

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The idea that website owners have "a right" to track the clicks from their emails to you and to know everything about your journey in their system is wrong.

Imagine if you buy your child a bike - does the chain manufacturer have a right to know what time they use the bike and which friends they visit?

Of course not. We should stop pretending that websites are magical experiences that require persistent intrusion.

#Privacy is a right, even though it is far from being legally declared so.

Hey Amazon ! Go shove a Bezos up your Jeff !

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Incidemment même pour votre compte Twitter vous avez le réflexe de viser le photographe...

Reprenez vos flingues en plastoc et allez jouer dans le micro-onde.

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Derrière chaque casque se cache un groin de cochon 🐷

Ahah vous mutilez mais bon vous êtes si drôles sur Twitter avec vos blagues sur Daft Punk et vos déguisements de spacio-nazis !

Allez, comme vous dites hein, il est grand temps pour vous on dirait. Le printemps arrive et va falloir brouter l'herbe qui pousse, bon courage les porcins ✌️

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#NousToutes a lancé une cagnotte pour imprimer 300 000 sacs à pain contre les violences et je trouve que c'est une super idée !!!

Ils seront ensuite distribués dans les boulangeries aux alentours du 8 mars ! L’emballage sera constitué du violentomètre (outil de prévention des violences au sein du couple) et des n° utiles en cas de violences.

Pour participer à la cagnotte, c'est par ici ->

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At 188 decibels, the whistle of the blue whale is the loudest sound produced by any animal.


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Kori bustard is one among the many birds that prefer walking rather than flying. In fact this bird don’t fly for long and will land soon after taking flight.

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Today's castle of the day obviously has to be Dunnottar castle in Scotland. It offers as close to a perfect natural defense as you are likely to find anywhere. A Pictish fort was recently excavated on a seastack called Dunnicaer which lies just to the north of Dunnotar and many such naturally defended sites may have existed. Very few have been professionally excavated.

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Why should you care about data privacy, even if you think you have "nothing to hide"?

Because our data is being used to push increasingly polarized content and capitalize on divisiveness.

Disrupt surveillance capitalism. Take back your privacy. Use Tor.

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Exigeons ensemble l'interdiction de la surveillance biométrique !

Pour rejoindre la lutte, signez et relayez cette pétition de notre collectif Reclaim Your Face

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Looking for inclusive, free and open source illustrations for your next project? CocoMaterial can be just what you need 😍

Hand-drawn by Esther Moreno, you can customize and download whole sets of images (svg & png) 🎨

More info:


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Reticulated giraffes fights, 'necking' at Ewaso Nyiro riverbed inside Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The fight for male dominance can be serious and result in broken necks or even death.
Karibuni #Kenya

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Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey (my talk from FOSDEM 2021) or !

Focuses on @spritelyproject's Goblins distributed programming environment from a PL history POV, plus how we might collab w/ the Guile & Guix communities

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