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A Brown-throated Sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis), a female (I believe), spotted at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, on 4 Sept 2021. Not as colourful as the male, but still a pretty bird. It was feeding and didn't mind me being close.

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It’s “open” as in open to surveillance capitalism.


I need rose-coloured glasses to watch this shit-coloured world

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Un recueil de nouvelles de Bradbury (en anglais) disponible ici gratuitement (on peut faire un don pour remercier du boulot d'édition réalisé)


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A Scarlet Grenadier (Lathrecista asiatica) spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 29 Aug 2021. It was pretty calm and did mind us get close to it.

The Scarlet Grenadier is common and widespread dragonfly in the region.

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Time for some #macro again!
Today it's a #wasp that wandered through our garden, occasionally stopping to clean its wings and body. While it was busy, I crawled behind it and tried to get a sharp photo from the top.
This is the result, and I managed to not get stung, yay me!

#photography #EyesOnNature

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Yup, agriculture is great but have you ever tried F O R A G I N G? I would definitely live out of it.

It's a pity that this summer didn't rain enough, so most of blackberries are too much dry.
But this won't stop me from collecting them! Obviously keeping in mind the fair share mantra: leave some to animals and nature. For sure not other people: looks like I'm the only one collecting them in the neighbourhood.

Right now the jam is almost done :blobcatmelt:
@plants #florespondence #foraging

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Solar Protocol is a web platform hosted across a network of solar-powered servers set up in different locations around the world.

Was looking for this last week, and stumbled upon it in an unrelated article I was just reading.

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“This male leopard retrieved his warthog kill from a spotted hyena. Here he is running with the kill away from the hyena towards a tree” – Kruger National Park, South Africa © Ernest Porter

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Gonepteryx rhamni | Common brimstone | Zitronenfalter
Photographed near Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Großer Goitzschesee), Germany in March 2019

© All rights reserved |

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Male Satin Bowerbird in the backyard late this afternoon. Seemed to be having a lovely time eating the weeds.

The female briefly landed in front of me on the veranda railing, and 5 Crimson Rosellas we on various perches nearby.

That was, until the Pied Currawong turned up and everyone else scarpered.

#bird #photo #nature #SatinBowerbird #AustralianWildlife

Stop asking me if I have any plan this week-end, at this point you should know I just suck at planning things 😭

So I'm reading an article on Medium and suddenly it redirects me to a 500. What the actual fuck ? Gotta love the internet today...

It also works at the retail store although you may get kicked out for some obscure reasons.

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The best way to check if someone's in the stalls in the loo is to rip a loud fart and wait for the laughs.

Bon exemple de la loi des titres de Betteridge :

TL;DR: non, Darmanin est un menteur, il le sait pertinemment mais il n'a que faire des faits.

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