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Remember, it's your duty to burn a private jet or sink a yacht if you have the occasion to.

Code as if someone is going to read your compilation's warnings

People who spit their chewing-gum on the sidewalk should be executed.

My "Smart" laundry machine (that requires an account on an external service) cannot be programmed manually to start later. It literally has a button which sole purpose is to enable Bluetooth, but nothing to start it later...

Had a brain fart and forgot my PIN code for my credit card. Remembered it after 3 failed attempts but now I need to prove my ID to unlock my card. I hate technology.

All these things were designed to create problems that only the people that made them can fix. They are not tools, they are job guarantees.

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Wanted to experiment with using Google Closure Compiler for a thing at work but cannot because of how awful webpack is. How can anyone get around that ? Web developers need to get their shit straight because it all makes absolutely no sense.

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Most software projects use Socrates model of documentation which is to write down nothing and pass on knowledge as an oral tradition.

Fighting the urge to throw bricks at SUVs

Crypto-bros will claim they are for decentralisation and then hosts their projects and communities on GitHub, Discord, Reddit etc...

I might just have witnessed an Uber driver shitting in the bushes?

They are not using proprietary software because they are superior (or named more appropriately) but because they came bundled with other proprietary software.

Companies will call their product Analrippr but FOSS folks are afraid that a software named GIMP might be not seen as professional enough.

How can people work in tech and not develop an aversion to it?

Can't stop laughing at Martin Shkreli losing 450k$ of his own shitcoin because he didn't check the extension of some shady porn file he downloaded. What a fucking muppet 😂

Feature request: a bot to clean URLs. I don't like it when a co-worker posts a 300 characters URL full of tracking parameters.

If you collect data about your users, you might be actively endangering them in the future.

Don't. Collect. Data.
Simple as.

It's time to burn Meta down. Close it, destroy it, burn it.

Workers of Meta, quit your job! If you don't want to, you should at least engage in sabotage, either actively or passively.

Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi is such bullshit. It doesn't work on any of the Dell monitors at work so I have to use a TV, all the documentation online tells you to change files or use tools that aren't even in the default installation, the Raspberry Pi Imager fails to set it up correctly...

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